Creating ideal climate conditions requires much more than just a few sensors and control units. With over 20 years of experience building mushroom and indoor horticulture climate systems, understanding not only the interrelation between climate parameters but also the interactions with the crop, we have gained insight that goes beyond the basics of temperature and humidity control.

With our knowledge and knowhow, we can realise a broad spectrum of climate conditions that fit your needs, being it ideal conditions for maximum production or simulate stress conditions breeding new varieties dealing with the ongoing climate changes.


Mycovital is a specialist in growing organic mushrooms, used as the basis for their health products sold on a world-wide basis.  Mycovital values not only the organic approach but they comply with the strictest German regulations on ecological norms.

Optimal results, with a high-level quality production, depends for a large part on the control of climate conditions. L-PIT has been selected to design and build in total 12 growing units for the.

fNTNU is an active member of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Space, CIRis. Main activities are related to research activities onboard the International Space Station (ISS) and crop cultivation in regulated environmental conditions, on Earth and in Space. R&D at CIRiS focusses on developing new concepts and technologies for closed life support systems, where water and nutrition can be recycled, and plant health can be continuously monitored

In need of controlled climate conditions for the various research projects, L-PIT designed and commissioned a complete turn-key environment consisting of two cells enabling NTNU to simulate the various climate conditions as needed

Enza Zaden Netherlands develops new vegetable varieties for domestic and foreign customers. Enza Zaden focuses on the improvement of taste, appearance, yield, work-friendliness and disease resistance. Their range is geared to almost all climate zones and comprises some 1,200 varieties, ranging from sweet peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce to bitter gourd. Innovation is key for Enza Zaden, Resulting in the introduction of some 100 new vegetable varieties annually.

For this ongoing innovation, the need for optimal controlled climate conditions is key. L-PIT provided Enza Zaden with three advanced climate rooms based upon on our Data-Manager concept.

Our design principles

-User friendly and intuitive in use and setup,
-Flexible and adjustable,
-Simple and robust,
-Location independent control and access,
-Data driven decisions.


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